A Perfume Makes a Wonderful Gift for Any Man, for Any Age

How To Select And How To Understand Which Is The Best Fragrance for a Specific Man?
You had surely heard the phrases: ‘the best gift is a book’, ‘the best gift is a hand-made gift’, and ‘the best gift is that given from the heart’.
I must admit that all of those phrases are right in different situations, depending on the age of the receiver and many other details.

With the years I learned that the best gift is that you can afford at the moment, given of course, from the heart.

In specific situations and holidays the best gift can be a perfume. Why a perfume? An accurately chosen fragrance can guarantee you that the wearer would be comfortable with it bringing to him pleasant moments.

If you decided to give a perfume as a gift don’t forget to take into consideration some essential details like man’s tastes, his age, job/status and hobbies.
Taking into consideration the difficulty of choosing something you can’t smell, a wise decision would be to get some perfume samples and test the fragrance before buying it.
It’s wrong to buy the first fragrance you saw/recognized the brand unless you know he prefers exactly that perfume. If not, you should consider some tips when choosing a perfume for a man.
If he’s a close relative you can buy even a luxurious fragrance not being intimidated by the price. Supposing you already know his tastes you could easily choose the right perfume.

The best sold perfume in USA is Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani and is a summertime fragrance that can be worn year around.
Obsession By Calvin Klein is another popular fragrance that is recommended especially for men after their forties. Being an old fragrance, from 1986 year, it remains the fragrance that gives class, refinement and sophistication.
For younger men one of the most popular is Paco Rabanne - One Million.
Davidoff Cool Water can be considered on of the best and most popular among every age class.
A strong perfume for any age is Ungaro III by Emanuel Ungaro and is for many years given by women for their men.
A great oriental perfume is Davidoff Hot Water which is a popular scent from the moment of its apparition in 2009. It’s recommended for men younger, adventurous but refined natures.
Diesel Only The Brave & Only The Brave Tattoo is a scent created and worn by explosive, strong and powerful men.

If you don’t know the man very well but you want to give him as a gift a perfume, take into consideration his temperament and you won’t fail.

Another great and popular scents are: Egoiste Platinum By Chanel, Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier, Kenzo pour Homme by Kenzo, Muscs Koublai Khan Serge Lutens, Joop Homme by Joop, Terre d’Hermes by Hermes, Dirty English by Juicy Couture, Bleu de Chanel by Chanel, Eau de Lacoste by Lacoste, Hugo Boss, Gucci Guilty Pour Homme, Giorgio Armani’s Armani Code Pour Homme and many other great scents.

All you have to do now, before buying, is to do a little research on his tastes and observe some specific details of the character. Choose a strong fragrance for a strong man, with a strong will, a sporty fragrance for young men, a classic fragrance for older men and oriental fragrances for a refined and sophisticated nature. Note that some of the classic fragrances are old enough and popular to be considered classic and may be also strong, sporty or oriental. Read first the reviews and choose the right perfume.

A perfume makes a great gift for any occasion especially for Christmas when there is almost no joy for the nose except smell of the snow, Christmas tree and kitchen.

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